Bouquets to Art @ the de Young

IMG_3160This gorgeous, enormous piece hung in the main room; it consists of 1,500 roses, 1,500 branches, and numerous copper rods!

Every year in March, the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park holds a very special event called Bouquets to Art.  This year I was able to attend for the first time!  Bouquets to Art is an exhibition of talented floral designers who create floral art inspired by a piece of art in the museum’s permanent collection.  Many of the designers were present the day I visited so I got to learn a little more about the actual process.  In the fall, the de Young contacts designers to ask them to choose the top three pieces that they would like to use as inspiration.  The designers wait in anticipation until three weeks before the event to find out which piece the museum has chosen for them.  One designer said that she has been waiting for three years to design after the piece she was given this year!  Some of the floral pieces are quite literal and others are more abstract representations of the original artwork.  Here are some of my favorites:

  IMG_3159I especially love this because the painting is of Martin Johnson Heade’s Twilight at Singing Beach in Manchester, MA–a beach that I personally love!




Not only did I have the pleasure of enjoying the incredible floral creations, I also visited the Modern Nature: Georgia O’Keeffe and Lake George Exhibit, which is still up for the next few weeks–get there if you are local!