Sprrring forward!

Spring is finally here!  Along with beautiful weather, spring is an exciting time for IMPRESSED by nature.  With flowers blooming everywhere, natural inspiration is in abundance.

IMG_3026snap peas in full bloom in my backyard garden…yummm

Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Over the last six months, I have been developing a new collection of pressed flower jewelry.  The process was quite organic–all the while intently focused on IMPRESSED by nature’s mission: to preserve the brief, wondrous life of a plant, in a simple and stylish way that allows botanical sublimity to speak for itself.

Here is a photo journey to the final product:

July ’13

IMG_1896During a trip to LA for Renegade Craft Fair, I happened upon a small bead shop in Silver Lake where I discovered gorgeously unique Picasso-style Czech glass beads.  They caught my eye because of their solid, rich color yet rustic look and feel.  I had been looking for a way to incorporate new elements to my jewelry–these beads seemed like they would add pops of color as well as a bit of weight.

August ’13

IMG_1906I could hardly wait to see what would become of my beaded additions. Here is the first experiment – yellow sunflowers complemented with red beads.

September ’13

IMG_2343Bead inspiration and experimentation continue! These turquoise teardrop-shaped Czech glass beads were discovered on a regular run to my local jewelry supply store.  You can also see a glimpse into my sketchbook with more new designs!  (See these earrings on Etsy!)

October ’13

IMG_2472I was so smitten with the Picasso-style Czech glass beads that I discovered in LA that I just had to find more of them!  Using Pantone’s Spring Color Report, I invested in coral, turquoise, pineapple, and butter pecan beads to accompany my floral beauties.

November/December ’13

IMG_2546 More colorful experimentation continues! (See these earrings on Etsy!)

January ’14

IMG_2877With all designs finalized, I set up product and model photo shoots in January.  Here is a view from behind the camera outdoors at my studio.  (See these earrings on Etsy!)

julia photo shootThe model photo shoot was set in Sonoma with gorgeous and lovely friend, Julia!  It was an unseasonably warm and sunny January day–adding warmth to the Spring/Summer “feel” of the shoot.

February ’14

After all that hard work, here is the final product…

IMPRESSED by nature’s Spring/Summer 2014 Line includes two collections. 
The first is a brand new venture into an exploration of Balance.  The inspiration for this collection stems from the curious ways that individuals define and strike balance–from personal life balancing to more tangible manifestations.  From a design perspective, I am fascinated by the varied ways to find balance through orientation, weight, texture, material, color, etc.  By incorporating vibrant, yet rustic Czech glass beads into my designs, I have delved deeper into what balance means in my work and how it informs my overall aesthetic.
The second is a revisit to the Naturalist Collection, which is inspired by the pure essence of nature’s bouquet.  With limited accompaniments, this collection is designed to highlight the beauty that surrounds us.  By using simple designs and earthy copper metal components, the botanical world speaks for itself.


See the full collection for sale on Etsy and Storenvy!