floral friday: pink peppercorn

As I prepared to make a eucalyptus wreath for Thanksgiving last month, I grabbed a bundle of dried pink berries to add to the greenery, not knowing that they were, in fact, pink peppercorns!


common name: pink peppercorn
scientific name: Schinus molle

DEC pink peppercorn

While the name peppercorn implies a relation to the pepper family, pink peppercorns are actually a part of the cashew family. They acquired the name as they resemble peppercorns and also have a similarly peppery smell. My introduction to this dried berry was in a cocktail a few years ago and it was so delicious and unusual. The pink peppercorn adds a citrusy, sweet and fragrant flavor to beverages.  Here are some drinks to try:

Paloma with Pink Peppercorn Salt

Grapefruit & Pink Peppercorn Margaritas

Pink Peppercorn Thyme Soda


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It’s that time again! Although we are headed into winter, here at IMPRESSED by nature, we are preparing designs for spring and summer. So close your eyes, think about flowers, sunshine and warm weather, and VOTE for your favorites!

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gratitude: eve

I am feeling grateful for the anticipatory feeling that inevitably happens on the eve of holidays. There’s a different feeling in the air, a renewed buzz, that’s contagious. Tomorrow I will spend the day with my closest family crafting all sorts of delicious and nourishing food and drink, making Thanksgiving my favorite holiday tradition. Here are a few things we will be making:

pumpkin spice lattes

rye pecan pie

compound butter

crispy potato roast

What dishes are you trying out this holiday season?

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bloom with abandon

Hey, flower friends & nature lovers!

bloom with abandon - IMPRESSED by nature

Something NEW is blooming at IMPRESSED by nature this holiday season and we think you are going to love it. Stay tuned here (follow this blog) as we reveal even more details!

gratitude: natural healing

As I get to the end of this pesky cold, I want to give a huge shout out to Angelica & Peony for the amazing Ginger Menthol Balm that helped me through the worst of the congestion and headaches. Kirsten, the fabulous maker, is a certified acupuncturist and physician of Chinese medicine. She uses her knowledge and creativity to create gentle, effective products that heal and rejuvenate the skin. Thanks to this salve packed with ginger root and menthol crystals, I am immensely grateful for breathing freely!


gratitude: collaboration

As you may know, I am working on an exciting, new project and a big component of it is collaborating with artists. This weekend I met with one of the artists and discussed details of the collaboration, which refueled my passion for the project. I frequently make an effort to connect with fellow creative entrepreneurs, and this time there is new meaning in those relationships as we embark on supporting each other in making this project a success. I am grateful for the strength and enthusiasm that these collaborations are bringing to a new uncertain venture.

Stay tuned here and here as more details are revealed!