floral friday: daffodil

I like to make a habit of visiting my local farmers market on Sundays to see what flowers are in season. In Temescal, Thomas Farm always has the best-looking flowers. While they don’t have a ton of variety each week (2-3 types of flowers), I can count on the fact that they are grown locally and seasonally. It’s fun to see the flower seasons come and go each year. Last weekend I picked up these adorable white daffodils.


common name: daffodil
scientific name: Narcissus poeticus

daffodil floral friday

Daffodils are spring perennials easily recognized by their cup- or trumpet-shaped corona in the center. The six surrounding petals are technically tepals (no, that’s not a typo!) based on the fact that they are indistinguishable as sepals or petals. Many flowers have an identifiable outer whorl of sepals that are connected to the base of the stem and a separate inner whorl of petals, but on the daffodil there is no distinction, hence the classification, tepal. Daffodils are almost always white or yellow with their corona and tepals holding similar or contrasting colors.

Plants in the Narcissus family produce a number of different alkaloids, which–poisonous if ingested–have been utilized in medicine, specifically to treat Alzheimer’s dementia. Symbolically, daffodils represent many things in different cultures, including death, good fortune, healing, and, of course, spring!


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