floral friday: pink peppercorn

As I prepared to make a eucalyptus wreath for Thanksgiving last month, I grabbed a bundle of dried pink berries to add to the greenery, not knowing that they were, in fact, pink peppercorns!


common name: pink peppercorn
scientific name: Schinus molle

DEC pink peppercorn

While the name peppercorn implies a relation to the pepper family, pink peppercorns are actually a part of the cashew family. They acquired the name as they resemble peppercorns and also have a similarly peppery smell. My introduction to this dried berry was in a cocktail a few years ago and it was so delicious and unusual. The pink peppercorn adds a citrusy, sweet and fragrant flavor to beverages.  Here are some drinks to try:

Paloma with Pink Peppercorn Salt

Grapefruit & Pink Peppercorn Margaritas

Pink Peppercorn Thyme Soda


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