gratitude: setbacks

As a creative entrepreneur, I make a lot of decisions each day, which inevitably involve risk-taking. One of the biggest risks is presenting my creativity to the public, which doesn’t always go as planned and draws on the more personal side of my business. While there are plenty of affirming experiences, unfortunately the ones that linger are the disappointments.
In any business, calculated risks are essential and yet you can never quite calculate for everything. Sometimes you take the leap and have to dodge a few obstacles before you reach success. Sometimes you never reach it. I find that in these cases there is always a new path discovered that would have been unknown unless that initial leap was taken. I am trying hard to be grateful for the bumpy road of running a business even though today had more setbacks than successes.

risk quote

This quote sums up the ebb and flow of my business, and I imagine, many businesses. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the author to give credit, click on the image to see where I found it along with other inspiring quotes about risk-taking.


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