gratitude: community (part 2)

Today I am grateful for another community that I am a member of, SF Etsy Team. This group is comprised of hundreds of local creative entrepreneurs, who gather virtually and in person to create a supportive community within an often isolating world of independent makers. I have been a member since my business was in its infancy and have always credited the team with getting me to where I am today. I have learned so much from the members of this group and appreciate those who help make it what it is, including Rebecca, the SF Etsy team leader and owner of OodleBaDoodle. I visited Rebecca today to borrow a sign for an upcoming event and we spent some time chatting about all sorts of things–Etsy, creative business, holiday show season, and, of course, the upcoming SF Etsy Holiday Indie Emporium, Nov 28-29. As I mentioned in the previous gratitude post, a sense of belonging is a critical human need, and I feel so grateful that I have access to these supportive communities to help fill that need.

What communities are you grateful for?

SF Etsy Holiday Indie Emporium


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