gratitude practice

Whether on Thanksgiving Day or throughout the month, many people take time to be thankful in November. Along with other appreciation holidays, like Mother’s or Father’s Day, I always feel that those appreciations should be happening every day, not just on the dedicated holidays. In fact, when it comes to gratitude, studies have proven seven direct health benefits result from a regular diet of gratitude.

thank you

Even without this evidence, the feeling of gratitude is an unmistakably positive and grounding one, which is why, for the month of November, I am challenging myself to create a daily gratitude practice. Each day, I will share something I am grateful for and I hope you will join me. Feel free to share your grateful feelings or other ways you find grounding in your day.

Here goes:

Today I am grateful for my super smart and sweet friend, Shelly, who not only makes me laugh and can hold a lively conversation for hours on end, but has also been spending loads of her time coaching me on growing my business with her PR/marketing expertise. She is total gem and I can’t wait to share our new project with you later this month! Check her out here.

Shelly Jackson


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