Getting to Know… The Recoverie

As a proud member of the SFEtsy Team, I recently participated in a team-wide artist interview swap.  I had the opportunity to chat with Danielle Broder of The Recoverie.  Dani is a San Francisco-based artist who creates gorgeous home decor, the likes of which will add charm and cheer to any room in your home!  Read more about her here…

What is your most anticipated part of the day?

Since every day is different, that’s hard to say.  The only consistent thing I do every day is check my email a gajillion times.  But that can be fun because a lot of times I get contacted by people for custom orders, or people asking questions about my work.  I never know what’s coming.


zebra prints created for the SFEtsy Zoo Project

What is a day in your life look like?

Every day is different.  Some days I’m sketching, some days I’m working at the coffee shop, sometimes printing in my studio or staging photos, other times I’m out sourcing supplies.

It’s spring!  What is trending for you?

I try and stay away from super trendy trendy-ness, but right now I’m working with a lot of floral patterns, organic shapes, and maybe something polka-dot-esque later down the line.


8×10 chevron print in blue

At what point did you realize, “I can turn this creativity into a business!”?

It was more like, wow I really don’t like working for other people, what can I do to work for myself?  Design has always been something that came naturally to me, so everything just fell into place eventually.  Then I really got into the business side of it.

What is your favorite product right now?

My pillows were the first thing I made, and they are still my favorite. I like the bright mismatched colors together.


lotus print pillows in rose

What is an image that is inspirational to you in this very moment?

The collection I am creating right now is called Secret Garden.  I have an image of bare branches creeping up a wooden column that I took in the Presidio one day that I have been looking at for inspiration lately.


What is the most challenging aspect of your business? the most inspiring? the most rejuvenating?

challenging- forcing myself to be creative when I’m having a block.
inspiring- coming up with a new design that I love, and printing it for the first time.
rejuvenating- getting out of my studio and doing shows, talking and getting feedback from my customers.  I always come home with tons of new ideas.


heart table runner

Thanks for sharing, Dani!

Find Dani and The Recoverie here: